Oil Pier II at
Karachi Port

Meinhardt (Pakistan) are responsible for the complete Engineering Design of the new Oil Pier terminal (OP-II) to be constructed at Karachi Port.

Vessels Capacity tons
million USD$
Oil Pier II at Karachi Port

The new terminal will be equipped with all modern liquid cargo handling facilities,

including fully balanced loading arms, adequate piping system and manifolds, electrically/manually operated gate valves for handling all types of liquid accessories. For round the clock utilization of berth, provisions are considered for night navigation. The new terminal will handle oil tankers upto 75,000 DWT and consist of tanker berthing facility comprising jetty head/platform flanked by breasting and mooring dolphins on either sides. The berthing will be connected to the shore by a trestle to provide access to the berth. Necessary infrastructure viz. road, electrical, water connection and fire fighting facilities also constitute a part of the project.

At a Glance

    • Location: Karachi
    • Country: Pakistan
    • Client: Karachi Port Trust
    • Services: Civil & Structural, MEP
    • Sectors: Transportation, Ports

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Oil Pier II at Karachi Port